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About Donna Sandberg

Donna Sandberg blends the personal and professional self

Donna Sandberg, M.S., NCC, LCPC is a career counselor and owner of Career Path, a private practice in career counseling in Naperville, IL.

Donna Sandberg began her private career counseling practice in 1987. As a wife, mother, business owner and career changer herself, she brings a multifaceted approach to her clients in the career counseling process.

As Heard On…

Donna Sandberg radio interviews

Donna on Open Forum on the Women’s Radio Network

Donna talks about career “counseling” versus career coaching. She discusses how to be who you are more hours of the day than not, and that it’s never too late to evaluate who you are, what are your natural inclinations, and what you were made to do.

Spirituality and Work

Addressing the connection between spirituality and work

This article, “Spirituality and Work: Usefulness of Analogy and Questions,” by Donna Sandberg, Career Path and Julia Yang, Governors State University, was first published in the “Illinois Counseling Association Journal,” Volume 154, Number 1, Spring 2006, Illinois Career Development Special Issue: Toward a Life Work, Courage, Creativity and Collaboration.