Fall Reflections

Good time to look for a job

Fall is here and we start to turn our thoughts to the holidays. There’s so much to do and think about that any work-related decisions often get pushed off until NEXT year. The reason(excuse) we give ourselves is that no one will make any major changes until the new year or until the next fiscal year begins. Well, in fact, that last thought is one that may not be entirely true.

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Welcoming Guest Blogger Tom Drouin

tom drouin

As Tom Drouin approached retirement he began to consider “A Different Kind of Work”. Read Tom’s article to find out how he’s managed to integrate the use of his professional skills and pursuits of personal enjoyment into one fulfilling retirement. 

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ICDA’s Five Steps of Proactive Career Development – Step 2

ICDA’s Five Steps of Proactive Career Development – Step 2. Gather and maintain current, accurate and comprehensive information about your chosen field. This is the third in my series of blog posts on the Illinois Career Development Association (ICDA)   Five Steps of Proactive Career Development  as previously published on the My College Planning Team web…

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Welcoming our first guest blogger, Laura Kendall Zimmerman!


Choosing to embark on a new career path is a difficult decision that can be confusing and frightening. I know; I’ve done it several times now. After graduating from college, I spent years bouncing around varying fields that interested me, never landing anywhere that made me feel happy or fulfilled. Luckily, I found Career Path…

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