don't get stuck - change

Change … Like it or not, it’s here to stay! (Ha Ha … Get it?)

Yep, change IS here to stay, and what’s more, it’s normal. Expect it. Embrace it. Learn to appreciate that it affords you the opportunity to … start over, hit the reset button, try something new, get unstuck, or put a new plan into action. Change can also help you to take the best of the “before-change you” into the future and leave the rest behind with a loving patwhile saying “Thanks for all you’ve taught me.”

So, if we have so many things to which to look forward when change is afoot, why do we fear it so much? Can you see change coming on the horizon in your work life? Are you feeling at all anxious about it?

Where is this anxiety or fear coming from? Might it be grounded in the not knowing, the uncertainty of what your future work life will look like and/or the fear that you are not capable enough to navigate it, that it will be too hard or that you will fail. If so, although you KNOW you cannot, do you find yourself thinking you’d rather stay where you are now, because at the very least you KNOW you’re “okay”, no matter how unfulfilled or miserable you may be?

Well this is where, thankfully I think, Change can be like the friend you haven’t seen for a while, with whom you have a love/hate relationship. Let’s just say, you see your friend, “Change”, approaching. You may think it’s not the best time to delay your journey to greet “Change” head on. So, head down, you’re determined to attend to what’s on your radar screen and you attempt to ignore approaching change. And yet, where it’s been a while since you’ve seen “Change”, you DO know you’re always glad once you’ve managed to get passed the awkward exchanges about not having gotten together for so long and move on to where you’ve had that good heart to heart, meeting of the minds visit. In fact you may even recall having become comfortable with “Change” once you finally began to envision some future plans together. And by the time you wish each other well, embrace and promise to do this again, sooner than later next time, you wonder why you were ever so afraid of crossing paths with change in the first place. In fact you’re actually glad you did. Hmm…

Yes, where we CAN feel awkward as “Change” approaches, and we CAN reconnect with old sadness and fear in the process we can also be reminded of the fondness we have for the part “Change” has played in our growth and development, both personally and professionally.

And for ME, at this moment, as I immerse myself in and commit to the blogging process, I AM still actively summoning as much courage as I can to meet with my friend, “Technological Change”, face to face, here and now. And, at the same time, I am ALSO grateful – truly – for the personal and professional growth I’m experiencing through this process.

And so it goes … ready, set, clicking “Publish”! And there we have it, Blog #1.