What I learned from the Olympics.

Whether any given athlete fell during a downhill race, tripped over their skates, wiped out in the halfpipe or had a slow start to their bobsled run all the athletes have one thing in common. They continue perfecting their skills so as to be ready for the next time they have the chance to use them.

I admire those athletes even more for the ‘getting up and continuing on’ part of their pursuit for excellence than I do the athletes who never fall or always win their event by a wide margin with energy to spare. Those athletes whose stories include the overcoming of their ‘slip ups’, lack of focus, miscalculations or bouts of nervousness to come back and persevere are the ones who inspire me. They represent the embodiment of the heart, soul and character that I believe sustains the human spirit as it overcomes, hardships, setbacks and challenges as it seeks fulfillment. Bless the athletes who are my inspiration. I can only hope to follow their example here in the writing of this blog and in the ‘practice’ of my own life’s work.
I myself have slipped and/or tripped a time or two and suffered from some jangled nerves over this commitment to blog. Where I had a false start on this blogging process a while back, I now, with the help of my own technology trainer(s) hope to get back to the ice/slope/blog and pick up speed as I go. So there. I’m picking myself up, dusting myself off and … who knows. Here I go. And what about YOU? Here are a few questions for YOU to consider.
When might YOU have tripped, fallen down, lost your focus or suffered that weak in the knees, nervous or anxious feeling in pursuit of your life’s work? What did you do? Did you lay there feeling sorry for yourself, overwhelmed and defeated or did you get up, brush yourself off and try harder? What will you do the next time something similar happens? You know it will, don’t you? Give it some thought. Thinking about, expecting, being prepared for the spill, slip or challenge WILL make it easier for you to get up and move on when it DOES happen. It won’t be a surprise. You’ll know what to do.
So what’s next for this blogger? Who knows? I’m open. Are you? Do you have any suggestions for the Career Path Blog? Feel free to comment or make suggestions. I’ll be waiting.