Do you know someone…

  • who complains about going to work the next day?
  • who changes their behavior as Sunday evening approaches in anticipation of going back to work on Monday?
  • who finds work is not challenging… feels bored…  stuck… burned out?
  • whose state of health has deteriorated since work situation last changed?
  • to whom a promotion has been/is going to be offered and there is uncertainty as to whether or not the new position would be a ‘good fit’? 
    • who talks of going back to school, following an incident at work
    • with little or no action toward making it happen
    • with impulsive enrollment in a graduate program with little or no apparent thought or research put into it
    • with a genuine desire to make certain it will be a good investment of time, energy, and money
    • with ‘not a clue’ as to what course of study to follow?
  • who is a college student talking about changing their major from something without knowing just what they want to change it to?
  • who is a high school junior or senior who you truly believe wants to attend college, yet is avoiding their college mail/visits because of their uncertainty about the course of study they would pursue?
  • approaching retirement either with apprehension or uncertainty as to how they may wish to spend/invest their time?
  • wanting to have more than a job or even career, but more a sense of focus, direction, meaning, purpose or mission in his or her life’s work?
  • who is likely to meet people described above (i.e. mental health therapists/counselors, medical/wellness/holistic health care professionals, financial planners, recruiters/employment specialists, human resources professionals, clergy, personal coaches not specializing in career development issues)?

If so, please consider suggesting they make a call to Career Path at 630–369-3390!